Jennifer PeelerAtty. Jennifer Peeler was appointed Guardian Ad Litem for two children that were stuck in an abusive Sheriff-Established-Sting-Meth-House. The Dad's side of the family filed for an Emergency Custody Removal Hearing. Jennifer met the Dad - James Samples - at his home and the Dad showed the Attorney that he had ample proof that he had been a victim of false arrest, denied due process, forced to plead guilty and all because the Sheriff's Department is upset with the Dad for exposing the fact that the Sheriff's Department is responsible for his children's abuse and neglect.

Jennifer then took her turn following the McCracken County playbook:

1.) She denied the Dad and the Granddad a chance to testify, or to present evidence, and then she asked the judge to seal the record so the Dad could not get a copy!

2.) She left the courtroom and immediately filed a false police report against the Dad, the Dad was again incarcerated and forced to enter a bogus guilty plea (thus with the Dad having ample proof of his innocence) and James was told, that this would keep happening if he didn't remove the truth from the internet. The Dad's response: he built 10 more websites and is currently working on a project to address the censorship problem: CFN www.CensorFree.News