$10,000, Some Change, And a Puppy – Victim of False Arrest & Assault – Offers “Official Misconduct” Wager

Prior to separating a citizen from their family, their business, the job site they are working on, prior to removing someone from their job... and throwing them in jail Surely, an officer would have to have a ponderance of evidence against that person

James Samples is offering $10,000, some change, and a puppy if the Paducah Police Department, Officer Travis Counts, and/or the Prosecuting Attorney's Office has any ONE of the items on his list. James has created a list of items that he feels that any investigating officer would have obtained if the incident actually happened and Officer Travis Counts actually conducted an investigation.

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Paducah Police - Officer Travis Counts

Officer Travis Counts

When an Officer feels there is a real allegation, they put forth an effort to conduct a real investigation. In no sense of the imagination did this officer conduct a real investigation. Did he question the alleged perpetrator for alibies? Did he question the alibies - in this case, the parents of the falsely accused & Security personnel at the AirPort...? How many recordings could have been used to verify innocence or guilt? There were many recordings available - he chose to obtain NONE. This officer just like many officials in McCracken County are hell-bent on punishing a loving father, James for exposing the fact that McCracken County officials caused abuse to his children and trapped his children in an abusive Sting-Meth-House.

Did the Attorney and her friend that claimed that James was at the Paducah Bank intimidating Jennifer take a picture of James? Did they obtain the footage from the bank...?

James Samples knows he is innocent and was assaulted... James knows that has had to flee the country to abate the false arrest and assaults. James wants everyone to know the truth - James has ample evidence that shows he is innocent and is offering $10,000, some change and a Puppy if Officer Travis Counts or anyone else has ANYTHING that proves otherwise!

Paducah Police - Officer Travis Counts

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