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Attorney, Jennifer Peeler is an Attorney that filed a false police report against James Samples. She is also responsible for trapping his two children in an abusive "Sting-Meth-House" and causing the children to lose contact with their loving dad.

The Dad tried to rescue the children from the abusive meth-house by emailing the sheriff that was responsible for it. The Sheriff's Dept. refused to separate their "confidential informant" & James' children.

James and his parents proceeded to file for an Emergency Custody hearing. Jennifer Peeler (guardian ad litem) arrived at James' house the day before the hearing to see what the living conditions for the children would be like. James showed Jennifer the house.

James also showed Jennifer the living conditions of the house that they had just been evicted from while living with their mother. James owns a security and surveillance service. James used his technical skills to document the conditions his children suffered, as well as the many misdeeds by the local officials that caused it. 

James asked how much of this would be needed at the hearing the following day. Jennifer advised that there is so much information that James needed to "cherry pick" and condense many things into an easy to understand format for the Judge and to bring the laptop to the courtroom to show the judge. James worked late into the night sifting through a mountain of data.

The following day, just before the start of the hearing, James approached Atty. Jennifer Peeler and told her that the information on his laptop was ready. Atty. Jennifer Peeler told James that he should have never put the video online of Hon. Cynthia Sanderson admitting to accepting perjury. Then Jennifer just walked off.

During the hearing, the ex-landlord of James' ex-wife gave testimony of what she knew. The landlords' testimony was powerful enough to demonstrate the children need to be removed from that environment. 

The children's mother was allowed to testify without cross-examination. The mother's paramour, (90% of the problem) was never subpoenaed by Atty. Peeler (the children's attorney).

The children's Grandad was NOT permitted to testify and even James (the children's Dad) was prohibited from giving testimony! James advised Hon. Deanna Henschel that he had brought his laptop, that contained pertinent information. However, the blockade of paternal testimony continued.

McCracken County Asst. Prosecuting Attorney, Meredith McKay Clymer told the judge, "I'm going to be very honest here". After stating that Meredith committed multiple acts of perjury as she proceeded with what she knew was a long list of lies.

Meredith was the Assistant to the Prosecuting Attorney that used James' ex-wife's paramour "Billy Waynick" as a "confidential informant" on many cases. She was well aware that the Samples children were trapped in a "Sting-Meth-House: of her and the Sheriffs Department's making. Who would suspect a sting-house with two innocent children inside?  

Meredith Clymer stated that there were violations of EPO's a violation of a DVO, (BTW an EPO and a DVO is a one-way court-issued harassment license), Meredith Clymer committed perjury and states "I know that there was domestic violence against the mother by the father" (James is making $10,000 wager accusing Clymer of committing perjury),...

Meredith, Jennifer Peeler... was horrified at the thought that James recorded them and their lopsided, child endangering, make dad and children suffer while seeking revenge for exposing them... hearing.

James left the courtroom so upset because the judge refused to allow him and his dad to testify or present evidence... that James neglected to ensure that his recorder stayed off. James recorded the entire time frame of the accusation. its filled with a conversation between him and his parents...


There is no way James is Guilty - James has all the proof he needs. Then, why did he enter an Alford Plea?

A.  Continuous false arrest, jailhouse assaults (facilitated by a staff member that is also resposible for James' children being trapped in a sting-meth-house...
James' own lawyer withheld Discovery from James for months to conceal the crimes carried out by Jennifer Peeler and Officer Travis Counts.

It got so bad that James had to give up his two houses, his electrical license and flee the country before they could charge him with another false arrest. 


James' Second Lawyer (Marc Wells) advised James that he will never receive due process or a fair hearing in McCracken and that James needed to leave the country and expose them for what they are. Hence,

She conspired with Officer Travis Counts ( and Attorney Shannon Powers (


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