AUGUST 9TH, 2018 – REPORTED THE CORRUPTION TO THE F.B.I. again this time via the phone

I reported the corruption in Western Kentucky to the F.B.I. website not long after I flew out of the United States nearly two years ago. Perhaps, since I was in a foreign country maybe their site blocked my report. I don't know. On August 9, 2018, I called the F.B.I. and reported the corruption again that has caused me to leave my home, my tools, lose my Master Electrician License... over the last twenty four months.
When I get time later I'll break the call that I made to the F.B.I. into pieces and link each piece to surveillance... that corroborates the sentence/statement.
Here is a copy of that call

I asked 50 people over a year ago to ask the F.B.I. for help with County Corruption - I've told them that I have an ample amount of evidence backing up my claims. So far they have not contacted me regarding that ample amount of information. Does anyone know of other agency's that might be a more appropriate agency to contact, if it's not the F.B.I.?

as of 8/21/2018 - We have been asking for their help for over a year: petition asking the F.B.I. for Help

50 People and I asked the F.B.I. for help for over a year
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