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Paxton Media Group WPSD Local6, The Paducah Sun, Madisonville Messenger...

Paxton Media Group, owned by Atty. David Paxton has been gaining notoriety for ordering his journalist and editors to not report on misconduct by other bar association members (judges, lawyers...)

Paxton Media first earned the spotlight on a national level during their cover-up (media blackout) for Atty. Nifong during the 2006 Duke Lacrosse Scandal - basis for the 2016 ESPN Documentary "Fantastic Lies". In 2006 Paxton owned the "Durham Herald-Sun" and after the attention received for the blackout of Atty Nifong and continuous lies, Paxton sold the paper.

 Officer Travis Counts

Officer Travis Counts conspired with Jennifer Peeler to file the false police report. Officer Counts refused recordings, refused to question James or his parents, the attendant at the Berekely Airport... about James' whereabouts at the time of the falsely alleged crime...

Deputy David King

James was released on house arrest and immediately started posting the truth online and obtaining additional information as to why he and his children have come under such attack by local officials. Deputy King then made the next false arrest against James. James' star witness had her life threatened by the so-called "Confidential Informant - Methhead-Billy Waynick". Deputy King and the prosecutor refused to issue a protection order for the woman and King continued with his false arrest of James. Deputy King has a long history of getting himself and his department sued for such behavior.

 Hon. Deanna W. Henschel

Hon. Henschel issued a No-Contact order between James and his children. She set a court date and time for the hearing. The courthouse was closed at the time of the hearing due to bad weather. She issued the no-contact order without the Dad being able to testify. It was later revealed that it was done to prevent James from learning about the abuse that his children endured as result of McCracken County Corruption. After learning about the Sherriff-established-abusive-meth-house his children were trapped in. James and his parents filed for an Emergency Custody removal Hearing. She refused to allow the Dad of the children to testify or present evidence. She also ordered the hearing sealed. The sealing of the record was unsuccessful.

Atty. Shannon Powers

Attorney Powers took a $1,000 retainer and for the next 3 months refused to give James a copy of Discovery, so that James could know the details of the false allegation against him. James filed a motion to temporarily suspend Atty. Powers and requested that judge order the prosecuting attorney to give James the Discovery directly. Ultimately, it took James selling one of his houses, hiring a second attorney (Marc Wells) and 9 MONTHS to get a copy of Discovery. That's when James was made aware of the false allegation from Atty. Jennifer Peeler. Atty. Wells advised James that he would never receive a fair trial in McCracken County. James already knew this. In a previous case Atty. Kevin Olsen had taken a $1,000 retainer and refused to use recordings that proved James' innocence.

 Atty. Jennifer Peeler

Atty. Jennifer Peeler met with James Samples at his house to inspect it and question him about an Emergency Custody Removal request. Jennifer was showed a vast amount of information on James' laptop showing that James had routinely endured false arrest and had been forced to enter guilty pleas. James also showed Jennifer that the children were trapped in a meth-house and for some unknown (unknown at that time) reason, the Sheriff's Department allows all sorts of crimes around James' children including the abuse of his children. The next day Jennifer refused to allow him to testify or present evidence and then asked the judge to seal the record. Afterward, she left the courtroom and filed a false police report against James.

Sheriff Matt Carter

Sheriff Matt Carter is now the McCracken County Sheriff. He is also one of the recipients of an email sent to multiple Sheriff Department members requesting that the Samples children be removed from their Sheriff-Established-Meth-Environment. We are hoping that he will do the right thing and file a report against everyone involved in the false police report by Atty. Jennifer Peeler,...

Censor Free News "CFN"

Censor Free News - From Gov. Matt Bevin to owner WPSD Local 6... Censorship in America has gotten out of control. Many sites are trying to address the problem - this site has potential.