All the evidence points to false arrest, false imprisonment, denial of due process, and the facilitation of an assault in a bid to get James to remove the truth from the internet and force him to enter a guilty plea.

Google Time Line Tracking James's whereabouts. Note: his whereabouts were not in the direction of Jennifer Peeler's office.

Google Timeline

An affidavit from Johnny Samples - James' Dad. James' parents affirming that James left the courthouse with them.

Affidavit of Johnny Samples

A video containing the audio clip of the conversation that James had with an attorney. A deputy overheard this conversation and tried to twist it to scare the crooks from the family courtroom.  James also recorded a phone conversation that he had with Jennifer Peeler, explaining the statements that he had made were directed towards the meth-head that punched his son in the eye. This phone conversation happened just minutes before she filed a false police report.

Actual Material Evidence against James


In fact, James is offering $10,000 for any.