So many people complain about how corrupt their local courthouse is and how: anti-family the judicial process is, however, most lack the ability to fully document everything.

James Samples and his children the owner(s) of Protection Guys (security, surveillance, espionage equipment...) is done wrong by McCracken County officials. James exposes their misdeeds on the internet. They get vengeful and many of them attack James in many ways and they also attempted to seal the record. They failed.

 Social Workers get caught committing perjury.

 McCracken County, KY, Judge admits that she accepts perjury (lying under oath - Class D Felony).

McCracken County, KY, Sheriff uses the Samples children (8-year-old daughter, and 7-year-old son) in an abusive Sting-Meth-House. To make things seem less like a sting operation.

 James reports various acts of abuse and neglect to the Sheriff's Dept. and then James is quickly hit with bogus charges and denied due process... James was unaware at the time the Sheriff's Department was responsible for the very abuse that he was trying to report.

 While incarcerated on one of many bogus charges James is attacked and advised to remove the sites from the internet exposing the corruption. This is where James learns more about the county officials that are responsible for the attacks on him and his children.  James turns his surveillance systems towards the misdeeds of those officials.

 Judge & Guardian ad Litem (Jennifer Peeler) denies a dad and granddad the chance to testify at an Emergency Removal hearing. Jennifer also denies the dad a chance to submit evidence that she knew proved that James is innocent of many false charges and the horrible conditions the county officials have his children in.

 Jennifer Peeler and the other Kangaroos freak out when they realize that James (who has a major habit of exposing them) has left the courtroom without being searched for recording equipment.

 Jennifer Peeler leaves the courtroom and goes straight to her office and calls the police. She calls James and accuses him of threatening her. James assures her that nothing he said was directed towards her, that he had committed that he would whatever force necessary to protect his children from Billy Waynick in the event James wasn't there to take care of it himself.

From that phone conversation, Jennifer heard from James' own mouth that he said nothing in her direction and that he was across town with his parents.

The police arrived at her office and she filed a false police report saying that James is threatening her and had been standing behind her car at the Paducah Bank intimidating her.

Officer Travis Counts refused to conduct an investigation. Had Officer Counts questioned James or his parents prior to getting an arrest warrant for James would have provided him with recordings, Google Timeline Tracking,... Paducah Citizens cannot hold jobs or run businesses when they are assaulted in the manner Officer Travis Counts assaulted James.

 James' lawyer (Sell-out Shannon Powers) tried to protect his colleague Jennifer Peeler by withholding James' Discovery for months. James was incarcerated for months without knowing the details of what he was accused of or by whom.

 Although James had ample evidence (as demonstrated on this site) showing that there is no way that James was guilty of Jennifer's accusations - James had to enter an Alford guilty plea like he has had to do so many times in the past. This is not because he lacks the evidence to prove his innocence, on the contrary, it's because James hasn't been afforded due process.

 James had to leave his two houses in Kentucky behind and his Master Electrician license and leave the United States so he wouldn't be forced to enter any more bogus guilty pleas to false charges.